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PayFlexi is an industry-leading solution for flexible payment & fast checkout. PayFlexi simplifies billing and collection processes of both one-off and instalment payments from your customers at the point of checkout online or in-store.

With PayFlexi, you can offer your customers the ability to pay for products/services by making monthly or weekly, interest-free instalments. Customers are required to complete payment before they get access to the products or services.

The opportunity to split the payment into several parts can increase the number of orders and facilitate the conversion of doubting customers, especially if you are selling an high value products. PayFlexi allows your customers to buy products just by paying down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount to be paid later in easy installments. Here are some benefits;

  • Create an easy payment experience for your customers who cannot pay the full amount beforehand to prevent losing their orders.
  • Sell your high-value items at the right price without looking expensive.
  • Start accepting down payment for products or services ahead of launch (pre-order).
  • Increase the average order and motivate your customers to pay for more high-value items.
  • Builds a trustworthy relationship between your business and the customers.
  • Support loyalty to your customers by letting them pay in instalment when they are low on cash.

PayFlexi integrates with your existing payment processors to enable you offer one-time or customized payment plans to your customers. All payments from PayFlexi are routed through your payment proccessors who then settles the money in your bank account.

We have made get started with PayFlexi a simple process so you can focus on your business. No software or hardware is required. Simply click on the "Sign up" button on the menu, connect your payment gateway and you're ready to start using PayFlexi.

PayFlexi current integrates with different platforms including ecommerce platforms such as Wocommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, BigCommerce, and a lot of other platforms. We are also adding more platforms.

While we are working to bring seemless integration across major ecommerce platforms, you can get started with PayFlexi by creating a Payment Page which you can share with your customer. This is useful for those without a website.

We also have a public API that will allow non-platform users to implement PayFlexi, as well. The integration possibilities are endless with our API.

Getting paid is dependent on the payment gateway you connect your PayFlexi account to. All your payments are processed by your payment gateway and settled by it. Some payment gateways settles money into your account instantly.

PayFlexi charges 2% per transaction, plus gateway fees. However you can subscribe for our monthly plans to get discount on transaction fees. For detailed pricing, please visit our pricing page.

We currently support any country that the payment gateway you choose to connect with PayFlexi. Payment gateway currently supported includes Stripe, PayStack, and Flutterwave. New Payment Gateways will be added regularly. If there is a Payment gateway that you need urgently or a feature missing that you think we must add, get in touch with us and we will consider it.


PayFlexi allows you to pay for products and services in weekly or monthly instalments without extra cost.

PayFlexi does not charge interest or do a credit checks to start using it. Simply select your payment schedules and make an upfront payment to get started.

When shopping online, select the "Pay with PayFlexi" button at checkout and you will have the option to pay a small deposit (set by the merchant) in order to secure the products or service at the displayed price.

You then select the number of weeks/months that you would like to pay for product or service, subject to any terms and conditions defined by the merchant. After completing the payment, the product is delivered to you or you have access to the service.

PayFlexi is designed for people who want to buy products and services without using credit or paying the full price immediately. Here are some of the benefits of using PayFlexi;

  • Spread the cost of your purchase over several smaller payments.
  • Interest-free weekly or monthly instalments. You won’t be charged interest on your purchases.
  • No credit checks or rigorous acceptance criteria required from completing the purchase.
  • Easily make your upfront, and future re-payments using your existing credit or debit cards.
  • Build your spending rating with PayFlexi, and have access to products such as Buy Now, Pay Later. Available only in selected countries.

To start using PayFlexi, simply select "Pay with PayFlexi" at the point of checkout when paying online. Select your payment plan and make an upfront payment, and we would auto debit your card based on your payment schedule. The amount you pay upfront is dependent on what the merchant has set.

Also, if you would like to "Pay with PayFlexi" but don't see it on merchant store or website. Simply send us an email, and we would make the request on your behalf.